BD 2.00.A :: Download

How do I get BD?
To download the files from SourceForge, click here.
Both the source and the compiled binaries are available there. Make sure that the version you downloaded is the latest version. As of this day, the latest version is BD 2.00.A

How do I intall BD?
Just double-click the file "BD-<VERSION>.EXE" that you have downloaded. This will automatically extract and copy the nessary file, BD.EXE, to "C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND" folder. Why? Whenever you run a command from DOS prompt, it searches in this directory to find if any program with that command is found. If found, that program will be executed. So when you type "BD" in the dos prompt(sans quotes), the file BD.EXE will be executed.

How do I Uninstall BD?
All you have to do to uninstall BD is delete the "BD.EXE" file from the "C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND" folder.

Can I get the source of BD?
BD is distruibuted as an open source program. You can get the source from the SourceFourge site. I compiled this program with Borland C++ compiler - I don't think it will have any problems if compiled in other compilers. If you want to make any change to the software feel free to do so. But please give credit where credit is due and keep my name in it. If you make some major changes to this software, I will add that change to BD and include your name in the credits.

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